LTE Basic 3GPP Certification Training Institute In Ameerpet,Hyderabad

Long Term Evolution (LTE) Basic (3GPP Releases 8 and 9) Course Content Details..

A rapid increase of mobile data usage and emergence of new mobile phone applications such as MMOG (Multimedia Online Gaming), mobile TV, Web 2.0, streaming contents have motivated the 3GPP to work on the Long-Term Evolution (LTE) as a Fourth-generation (4G) mobile technology standard. The main benefit of LTE is that it can deliver services at fixed line quality using IP technologies.

Organizations like NEMs, Telecom / Internet service providers are looking for LTE expertise to help plan and execute tasks in Engineering (Development and Testing), Deployment and Field testing . Given the complexity of the LTE as a technology, such technical expertise is essential for career to grow

This course is designed to provide complete end-to-end knowledge involving basis on wireless communi-cation, cellular concepts to Radio access network (E-UTRAN) , Core network (EPC) covering the network elements, interfaces and the protocols.

Course Content

1. Wireless communication Basics

  • RF Signal basics
  • Modulation, Multiplexing and coding techniques
  • Spread spectrum techniques

2. Legacy Mobile standards

  • Overview of GSM, GPRS, EDGE and UMTS
  • NW architecture evolution
  • Services Evolution

3. LTE Architecture

Physical, Functional and Bearer Architecture


  • Physical layer (Uplink / Downlink)
  • MAC, RLC, PDCP sublayers
  • RRC , RRM
  • Scheduling, Security and QoS
  • Mobility


  • Control Plane and User Plane protocols
  • LTE procedures
  • IMS and VoLTE procedures

6. LTE testing